Sea plus net FC Board

Sea plus net FC plate is made from high quality low-alkali cement, high purity quartz sand, cellulose and other organic and inorganic composition of cement fibreboard. 100% does not contain asbestos, formaldehyde and other harmful substances,Using advanced automated production equipment with skilled craft production,High temperature autoclaving and special treatment,Form a tight, solid crystal structure is an environmentally friendly, safe and versatile senior structural lumber.

Sea plus net FC (fibre cement) product advantages:

Light weight high strength   Fire prevention   Waterproof and dampproof   Sound insulation   Seismic Thermal insulation   Rat-insect bites   Corrosion-resistant   Easy processing and easy decoration   Impact resistance

Sea plus net FC (fibre cement) location:

Office building   Hotel, Conference Center   Shopping Centre   Urban complexes,Hospitals, schools   Residential home  Theaters, stadiums, airports, railway stations and other large public buildings

Sea plus net FC (fibre cement) applications:

Interior walls   Ceiling   Inner and outer wall structure   Fireproof coatingWall decoration   Flooring applications   Roof laying  


Sea plus net FC (fibre cement)Main technical parameters             

Model specifications 2440~3000x1220x3~30mm (chamfer edges or corner on both sides)
Density g/cm ³ 1.1﹤D≤1.4
Water absorption% ≤ 40
Water content% ≤ 10
The swelling rate% ≤ 0.25
Impact resistance kJ/m ² ≥ 2.0
Flexural strength Mpa ≥ 10
Thermal conductivity W/(m·k) ≤ 0.2
Heat contraction rate% ≤ 0.5
Frost resistance After 25 freeze-thaw cycles without break,Layer
Watertightness After 24H examination Board trace or negative does not appear wet droplets phenomenon
Asbestos content 100%Does not contain asbestos
Radioactive Class a materials
Non-combustibility Grade a ₁ incombustibility
Note: the above is a reference value of the performance of medium density fiberboard,High density and low density please contact our Technical Department for

Sea plus net FC (fibre cement)Part of the project case                   


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