Sea and decorative panels (wood grain)

Sea and decorative panels (wood series) are specially repression,Molding,High temperature-pressure-treated fibers reinforced calcium silicate Board,Board primarily composed of Portland cement, fiber, mineral pigment and so on. Plate 100% does not contain asbestos and other hazardous substances.

Sea and decorative panels (wood grain) application:

Sea and decorative panels (wood grain) surface has a strong bump texture,Natural effect coordination with the building,So as to reduce the distance between man and nature. Plate suitable for luxury villas, residential wall decoration, old buildings exterior wall renovation,And meet the requirements of indoor special effects and art deco architecture.

Sea and decorative panels (wood series) product advantages:

Light   Fire resistance   Heat insulation   Weather-resistant,Stain resistance

Sea and decorative panels (wood grain)Main technical parameters             

Project Work unit Performance indicators
Size specifications Length mm 2440
Width mm 192
Thickness mm 7.5 9 12
Density g/cm³ 1.2
Moisture content % ≤ 10
The swelling rate % ≤ 0.2
Flexural strength Mpa 7.5≥ Mm flexural strength (n/mm ²): 246
9≥ Mm flexural strength (n/mm ²): 387
Non-combustibility —— A1-class non-combustible material

Sea and decorative panels (wood grain)Part of the project case                   

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Sea and decorative panels (wood series) product color: