High-star hotel, serviced apartments

Sea company has been working on a professional international brand hotel in the popularization and application of wall system solution.

As a professional wall system product business,Wall of high-end hotels what we are most concerned about isIts acoustic performance and fire resistance performance.

A five-star hotel works mainly refer to the table below Wall of sound insulation of noise standards designed


Sea plus sound insulation wall system

Combined various sound insulation material form the perfect sound insulation wall system brings to the hotel room good sound insulation,Hotel rooms provide a comfortable environment,Make customers feel at home,Was quiet and comfortable.


Efficient sound insulation effect   Superior fire resistance   Hang nail   Large-scale comprehensive shopping center   Easy decorating

Dedicated international brand hotel in wall system

Recommended hotels, apartments, Soundproofed walls system details such as the right to the following table


Note: depending on the project,Suitable for high-end hotels to provide professional project wall solutions